Here at www.SpendLessOnUtilities.com, we have evaluated dozens of energy marketing "opportunities". Please feel free to call us to discuss the many options that are available to you.  Hopefully, we can guide you to the most appropriate opportunity for you.  Everyone's individual situation is unique, so the "best" opportunity may be different for different people.  In general, we believe that one opportunity stands out among all the rest.  We encourage everyone to consider the opportunity offered by Avion Energy.

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Avion Energy Group has one of the largest "footprints" in the energy business. Why promote just one company when you can promote many? As an independent representative with Avion Energy group, you will be able to offer substantial savings for both electricity and natural gas to your commercial clients in a total of 24 states overall !   


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The Avion Business Opportunity:
As a
National Energy Consultant with Avion Energy Group you have the opportunity to earn commissions based on the total amount of energy (electricity and natural gas) that your business customers use.  If you are a team builder, you may also receive override commissions and infinity bonuses on every member of your sales team.


The overall broker commission (the amount that Avion receives from the energy supplier) is shared with Avion's National Energy Consultants in a 65/35 split, where 65% of the broker commissions are paid out to the representatives in the field according to the details below and 35% is earned by corporate.

As a National Energy Consultant you will receive 35% of the total broker commission on business accounts that you personally obtain. The broker commission will vary from deal to deal and depends upon your input and your decisions.


Avion Compensation Plan Part-1.mp3

Avion Compensation Plan Part-2.mp3

Direct Sales:

On your direct sales, you will receive 35% of the overall broker commission.

Override Commissions:

You will also receive override commissions on your sales team...

Level 1 Override Commissions: 5%

Level 2 Override Commissions: 5%

Level 3 Override Commissions: 8%

Level 4 Override Commissions: 3%

Level 5 Override Commissions: 3%

Whenever you, or someone on your team, helps a business customer save money on their energy bills, then you get paid. The only qualification necessary to receive the above commissions and overrides is simple: Either you or someone on your sales team obtains at least one electricity or natural gas account. 

Infinity Bonuses:

Infinity bonuses are also available for National Energy Consultants who choose to build a sales team.

If you directly sponsor 10 National Energy Consultants, you will receive a 2% infinity bonus on your 6th level and beyond. 

If you directly sponsor 30 National Energy Consultants, you will receive an additional 2% infinity bonus on your 6th level and beyond.

 Titanium Energy Consultant 

If you directly sponsor 100 National Energy Consultants, you will receive an additional 2% infinity bonus on your 6th level and beyond.

Business Builder Bonus:

To qualify you must be a Gold Energy Consultant (personally sponsor 10) and have a team of 50 (they do not have to be personally sponsored by you)

Qualified consultants will receive $5.00/month for every person that is added to your team after you have meet the above criteria (team members 51+).  You will receive the Business Builder Bonus until your Avion income (residual and BBB combined) hits $10,000.



That's it.  The compensation plan is easy to understand and simple to explain. Go out and sell some energy or find some people who do, and you can earn a substantial income in return for your efforts.

We encourage you to join our team of successful business people. We offer complete training and mentoring to help you build a successful energy consulting business.








Commercial Electricity


Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)

Southern California Edison (SCE)


Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P)

United Illuminating Company (UI)


Delmarva Power (DPL)

District of Columbia

Potomac Electric Company (Pepco-DC)


Commonwealth Edison (ComEd)

Ameren (IP, CILCO, CIPS)


Bangor Hydro

Central Maine Power

Maine Public Service


Allegheny Power

Baltimore Gas & Electric (BG&E)

Conectiv Power Delivery (Delmarva)

Potomac Electric Power (Pepco-MD)


Boston Edison/NSTAR (BECO)

Cambridge Electric Company/NSTAR (CAMB)

Commonwealth Electric Company/NSTAR (COM)

Fitchburg Gas & Electric (Unitil)

Massachusetts Electric Company (NEMA)

Massachusetts Electric Company (SEMA)

Massachusetts Electric Company (WCMA)

National Grid

Western Massachusetts Electric (WMECO)


Detroit Edison (DTE)

Consumers Energy

New Hampshire

National Grid

Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH)

Unitil (UNI)

New Jersey

Conectiv Power Delivery/Atlantic City Electric (ACE)

Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L)

Public Service Electric & Gas Company (PSE&G)

Rockland Electric Company (RECO)

New York

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. (CHE&G)

Consolidated Edison (ConEd)

National Grid

New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG)

Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation (NIMO)

Orange & Rockland Utilities Inc. (O&R)

Rochester Gas & Electric (RGE)


American Electric Power Columbus/Ohio Power (AEP)

Cleveland Electric/First Energy

Dayton Power & Light (DP&L)

Duke Energy EL

Ohio Edison/First Energy

Toledo Edison/First Energy


Allegheny Power/West Penn Power

Duquesne Light & Power (DL&P)

MetEd/First Energy

Penelec/First Energy

Pennsylvania Power (Penn Power)

Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL)

Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO)

Rhode Island

National Grid


American Electric Power (AEP)

CenterPoint Energy


Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP)


Commercial Natural Gas

Southwestern Gas

Unisource Energy Service NG

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)
Southern California Gas (SoCal)
Southwest Gas Company

Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCO)

Connecticut Natural Gas (CNG)
Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG)
Yankee Gas

Central Florida Gas
Florida City Gas
Florida Public Utilities
Lake Apopka Gas
NUI City Gas
People's Gas
Tampa Electric Company (TECO)

Atlanta Gas Light (AGL)

Ameren (IP, CILCO, CIPS)
Commonwealth Edison (ComEd)

North Shore
People's Gas


Baltimore Gas & Electric (BG&E)

National Grid (Keyspan Boston)

National Grid (Keyspan Colonial)
National Grid (Keyspan Essex)

Consumers Energy
Michigan Consolidated Gas

Missouri Gas Energy (MGE)

Southwestern Gas

New Jersey
Elizabethtown Gas
New Jersey Gas
Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G)
South Jersey Gas

New York
Central Hudson Gas & Electric (CHG&E)
Consolidated Edison Company of New York (ConEd)
National Fuel Gas
National Grid (Keyspan - LI)
National Grid (Keyspan - NY)
New York State Electric & Gas Corp. (NYSEG)
Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation (NIMO)
Orange & Rockland Utilities Inc.(O&R)
Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation (RG&E)

Columbia Gas of Ohio
Duke Energy
Synergy NG

Oklahoma Gas & Electric
Oklahoma Natural Gas

Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO)
Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW)
UGI Gas Services

Atmos (Dallas)
CenterPoint (Houston)


About Avion Energy Group:
Avion Energy Group serves the newly deregulated energy marketplace by methodically researching the lowest electric and natural gas rates available from retail energy providers (REPs), which translates into reduced energy costs for your business clients. 

Avion Energy is part of the new landscape of energy deregulation. Avion Energy is an innovative broker offering commercial energy users significantly large reductions in energy expenditures. More specifically, Avion helps business owners, organizations, municipalities, school systems and any large commercial energy consumer, succeed by providing a service which can significantly reduce their expenditures on electricity and natural gas.


Proven Methods:

Avion Energy can lower your operating expenditures and help you achieve your financial goals by soliciting retail energy providers who compete for your business. By establishing ongoing relationships with retail energy providers (REPs), Avion Energy Group secures the lowest energy rates for our clients,  retail energy providers are willing to offer their best energy rates because Avion is a major source of new customers, who they are constantly seeking given the new environment of energy deregulation. Avion Energy Group secures the lowest energy rates for businesses large and small.

This service is part of Avion's energy rate analysis which is provided at no cost - no obligation to customers, as Avion is paid solely by the retail energy providers. Energy consultants with Avion understand the energy markets and how fluctuations in the markets affect energy prices and thus impact your business's bottom line.

Avion is a company that believes in giving back. Ten percent (10%) of the company's profits are gifted to the men and women around the world whose unconditional giving inspire the world to be a better place.

Avion Energy group's free energy rate analysis includes the following – it’s part of what Avion does – so you never have to.

Avion meticulously:

  • Conducts research on energy prices
  • Reviews contract terms & conditions
  • Qualifies customer service
  • Identifies supplemental services
  • Acquires the lowest energy rates possible from Retail Energy Providers

Avion Energy Group is completely focused on commercial energy and is thus able to devote their full attention to your business. Avion offers both short and long term contracts which provide your customers with maximum flexibility in changing energy markets.

Competition results in lower energy rates for commercial businesses, organizations and municipalities. Avion's free, no obligation energy rate analysis frees businesses from the cumbersome and sometimes confusing task of finding and procuring the lowest available energy rates.

Avion Energy can assist businesses of any size, with multiple or single locations, find the best energy pricing. Avion's team of experienced commercial energy specialists have helped businesses, schools and municipalities around the country save thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Our clients love what Avion does, because Avion does not ask for money for their services. There are never any fees associated with Avion's service, plus there are no fees to switch energy providers.

Avion Energy can offer the most competitive energy pricing for fixed and variable rates. Avion's goal is to research and find and present the best available rates at no cost to you.


First Step Success Training Call
(Wednesday 10AM Eastern)

Fundamental training for all new energy consultants.
Team Dial in Number:
1-712-432-0075  159748#

CLICK HERE to listen to a recording of the latest call.

All energy consultants must complete their initial training prior to submitting their first LOA.  The training consists of listening to a one hour training call.  You can do so live, or you can listen to a recording of the First Step Succcess Training Call if you CLICK HERE

When you listen to the training call, pay close attention for two "answers" that will enable you to validate that you went through the training.  These answers will be necessary for you to obtain your training certificate by following the link below...


Conference Call Schedule:

Team Call (Monday 9PM Eastern)
An introduction to our business opportunity.
Dial in Number: 1-712-432-0075  159748#

CLICK HERE to listen to a recording of the latest call.

Business Overview Call (Thursday 9PM Eastern)
An introduction to our business opportunity.
Dial in Number: 1-712-432-0075  159748#

CLICK HERE to listen to a recording of the latest call.

President's Call (Friday Noon Eastern)
Dial in Number: 1-712-432-0075  159748#

CLICK HERE to listen to a recording of the latest call.

Playback Number
Listen to any time - each call is recorded over by the proceeding call.
Dial in Number: 1-712-432-0990  165209#




(even though the image above says that the form is to the right)





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